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This is a chic and practical Domino Loft Tiny Apartment built by ICOSA in San Francisco.

This is a small condo that packs everything you need into a very tiny and versatile space. The inside is a cube of possibilities, with kitchen, dining, and even a guest room created from concrete panels, wood slats, and metal work. Inside the main living area, you’ll find a couch bench, pull-up table, and even a Murphy bed for guests. Climb up the ladder to the loft and main queen-sized bed. The main wall of the Domino includes built-in storage for clothing, hats and shoes. There’s a computer, whiteboard wall and more to enjoy in a modern and cool color pallet.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Multi-functional Domino Loft Tiny Apartment

Multi-functional Domino Loft Tiny Apartment

Images © Brian Flaherty via ICOSA Design and Contemporist

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