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I’m excited to share how this man is now legally living in his 84 sq. ft. tiny home on wheels on a foundation in Spur, Texas.

And he’s doing it in his 7′ x 12′ tiny house on wheels that was built by Tennessee Tiny Homes back in the day.

Well, this is how Conor Mccann is legally living in his micro cabin on his own land in Spur, Texas and learn from his experience too.

Below you can learn how Conor did it all. He shows how anyone else can do it too. And he did it ALL for $47,270.26 including the land, hookups, fees, etc. He even shares how he insured his tiny home and how much this whole adventure cost him in detail.

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He built a legal tiny house in Spur, Texas!

Man Legally Living in 84 Sq. Ft. Tiny Home in Spur Texas

Images © Conor Mccann

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