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If I told you that working in your backyard office will be a big trend in the future, would you agree?

Thanks to the Internet the idea is becoming real for more people than ever. The 45 second commute… Doesn’t that sound appealing?

Backyard Offices for the Information Age

The idea of converting a shed into a workspace or studio isn’t all that new. People have been doing it for decades and possibly even centuries.

But it’s certainly growing in popularity right now as writers, artists, consultants, programmers, web designers and other professionals are realizing they can be their own boss and build a sustainable business for themselves from anywhere in the world.

A Modern Writer’s Shed

I would absolutely love to have a modern writer’s shed to work out of so today I want to introduce you to a company called 3rd Space. They specialize in creating inspiring backyard office spaces for their clients.

The structures are modular so you can add on to your shed later and enjoy the most flexibility. The use of timber, Birch plywood and full-height glazed panels offers an unbelievable feeling while inside.

Outside you’re greeted by Red Cedar cladding which is durable and beautiful. Fortunately with 3rdSpace you can customize, configure, extend and relocate your structure with ease because it’s all part of the modular design.


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3rdSpace - Modular Backyard Office Sheds
Photos Courtesy of 3rdSpace
3rdSpace - Modular Backyard Office Sheds

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