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This is the 320-sq.ft. Poseidon Tiny House by Hera Homes for sale in Wisconsin. It features a modern design on a gooseneck trailer.

Inside you’ll find stunning custom countertops in the prettiest blue color, along with all kinds of energy-efficient features. There’s even a back deck with space for a chair or two. The main bedroom is over the gooseneck, and there’s a storage loft over the deck.

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Ultra-Modern Super-XL Gooseneck Tiny House In Wisconsin

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This is La Contemporaine (The Contemporary), a tiny house built by Quebec’s Vivre en Mini. The sleek and modern home acted as the company’s sales model.

This is an exceptional chance to get a fully equipped and usable year-round version. After loyal services during the Spring Salons, we put on sale our demo. This mini-house is technological, combining a management by home automation as well as a high-end sound system. We used the best materials in its design, ranging from aluminum trailers to institutional grade flooring.

There are tons of details (including price) available below. Enjoy!

Vivre en Mini: La Contemporaine Tiny House on Wheels

Images via Vivre en Mini

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