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This is a modern industrial tiny home in the ‘Tiny Town’ neighborhood of Toronto designed by LineBox Studio that we featured back in 2016 to show you how awesome tiny homes can be if they are legalized in more places. The great part about this tiny house is that it was built using many reclaimed materials.

Not to mention, that it’s actually pretty huge. It’s more of a small house, or, I guess some people might call it a very spacious tiny house. It was designed and built this way because it sits on a very narrow lot that measures only 14′ by 70′. In total, it’s a 566-sq.-ft. home with super tall ceilings! It must be wonderful getting to live in it, don’t you think? Wouldn’t it be great getting to see more homes like this being developed? Even communities filled with homes around this size?

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Modern Industrial Tiny Home on a Foundation in Toronto… 566-sq.-ft. Design with Tall Ceilings

Modern Industrial Small Home in Toronto by Linebox Studio 001

Images © Linebox Studio

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This amazingly curved modern small home in Krakow, Poland was designed by Arciteckt.Lemanski.

It was created for a client of theirs who wanted to have gardening space even though the lot didn’t have very much outdoor space.

Inside the house, the client wanted a simple and minimalist look and feel while still ensuring the home was perfectly functional. The result is what you see below.

Curvy Modern Small Home: Domo Dom


Images © Tomasz Zakrzewski & Arciteckt.Lemanski

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If you like the idea of tiny living but still want to live simply in a bit of a larger space you might like this modern 914 sq. ft. small home custom designed for a client by JRKVC, a Slovakian Architecture Firm.

It’s called the IST-Family House and has now been featured on ArchDaily and Humble Homes so I thought I’d also welcome the design to you too. Would you consider living simply in a slightly larger home like this one? I’m curious about your thoughts on ‘tiny vs small’ if you’d be willing to share in the comments below.

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Modern 914 Sq. Ft. Small Home for Humble Family

Images © Peter Jurkovič

Images © Peter Jurkovič

Once inside I think you might be impressed by this modern small house below:

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