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Just for fun I thought you might like this 64 sq. ft. micro cabin that is actually used as a sauna.

Yes, a sauna, but in Finland and other places in Europe having a sauna outside is a social thing.

The architects designed it for a client who wanted it during the winter months because it’s great after a sweaty run or after jumping in icy cold lake water. Plus it’s small enough that it can be moved on a sledge.

I’m thinking this would make a great private space for reading/writing/meditation? But if designed right, this micro cabin could even make the perfect tiny living space. Let’s take a look.

Mobile Micro Cabin in the Woods


Images: Tiina Tervo

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The Weller Tiny House on wheels is one of Jay Shafer’s latest designs since forming his new Four Lights Tiny House company.

And in the recent years, I think he’s made some great improvements to his previous designs most of which are now retired.

But right now I want to get your focus on the 115 sq. ft. Weller tiny home which is about 7′ x 16′ and designed to be built onto a 7′ x 16′ trailer.

The 115 Sq. Ft. Weller Tiny House

© FourLights

© FourLights

It’s a great looking tiny house on wheels, isn’t it? Jay is amazing at what he does. See and learn more below:

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