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I know we’ve been posting a lot about the Tiny House Hotel lately.

But Faircompanies has released interviews and video tours of the tiny houses on the property.

I’m so inspired how someone found a way to turn what used to be a repossessed car lot into a Tiny House Hotel called The Caravan.

From Repossessed Car Lot to a Tiny House Hotel


I encourage you to watch the video below to hear how it was done! Including how zoning was passed and how the tiny homes on wheels got there.

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This is the Miter Box Tiny House on Wheels. It’s designed by Shelter Wise LLC in Portland. And for a while, back in 2013, it was part of the Tiny House Hotel in Portland, Oregon.

You can still buy the tiny house plans from PAD Tiny Houses (they’re currently selling for $79.00) and you can use those plans to build your own version of the Miter Box or you can hire a contractor to do it for you (using the plans).

This tiny house was completed in June 2013. Its nickname is “The Miter Box” because of the precision of the project. This 90 square foot house features a dining table that converts into a queen bed, much like in many RVs. In addition, it offers two other lofts. And the bathroom is a wet bath.

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The Miter Box Tiny House on Wheels by Shelter Wise: Get the Plans and Build Your Own… 122 Sq. Ft. on the Main Floor + 28 Sq. Ft. Loft

The Miter Box: Modern Tiny House on Wheels by Shelter Wise LLC - Plans Available!

Let me give you the rest of the tour below:

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