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This is a very unique cabin that almost blends right into the scenery because of the large floor to ceiling windows. The tiny home literally looks like a large mirrored box! It’s located in Jõelähtme, Estonia, which is in Northern Europe, just south of Finland.

When you look at the cabin though, you can see the reflection of the scenery gaze back at you. How incredible and unique is that! This tiny home is a vacation spot by ÖÖD Hötels Jõeranna so you can actually book a stay here via Anne over at this Airbnb listing. Take a look below and let us know what you think in the comments, please!

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This Tiny House Looks Like A Huge Mirrored Box!

Estonia Tiny House Looks Like Mirrored Box 001

Images via Anne/Airbnb

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One of our readers (thanks Crystal!) showed me this jewelry armoire that doubles as a mirror. It’s designed to be mounted right onto the wall so it can save you lots of space.

I think it’s perfect in the bathroom of any small space. Whether it’s a tiny house, cottage, cabin, apartment, studio, or really just about any bathroom or bedroom…

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Mirror Storage – Great For Adding Storage And Function to Small Spaces (Bathroom, Tiny House, Bedroom, Etc.)


Learn more and see the inside of it below (plus link to free plans on a cheaper way on to DIY):

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