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This tiny solar house was designed and built by the Minnesota Renewable Energy Society. I found them on Facebook not long ago and wanted to share their tiny home with you because it has three Silicon Energy PV modules, solar air heat, and even solar hot water.

The SIP (Structural Insulated Panels) came from The Chuba Company who you can also find on Facebook. If you’re not familiar with SIPs, check out this post. A company called Applied Energy Innovations also helped with the construction of this tiny house. It’s 8′ x 16′ and has additional storage in the back to store power with batteries. There’s also extra room there for hot water storage and any other extra systems.

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Tiny Solar House on Wheels: Passive Solar Designed THOW Built with SIPs by Minnesota Renewable Energy Society

Tiny Solar House

Photo Credit Minnesota Renewable Energy Society

This solar tiny house was made possible thanks to Laura Cina, Joel Cina, Chris Burrington, Timothy Pendergast, Larissa Starr Maranell, Andrew Steven Richardson, The Chuba Company and Applied Energy Innovations.

Please enjoy the rest of this tiny home below:

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