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After you’re done with this post you’ll know how to turn your minivan into an RV.

Depending on what you consider an RV, of course. So I ran into Lindsey and Joe who are going to show you how they’ve done it.

They’ve slept in their van quite a few times over the last year or so when tent camping was a bad option due to weather and other circumstances.

Minivan Camping with Two Kids and Two Adults

Whether you’re camping out and the weather’s bad or you’re on a long road trip and need a nap.

Here’s What You’ll Need to Set up Your Van for Camping

Before heading out it’s a good idea to remove your middle row seating to create enough room for yourself. After that, load up your…

    • Hammock
    • Carabiners
    • Tie-down straps
    • Pillows
    • Sleeping pads

Family Minivan Camping

Turning your Minivan into an RV for Camping

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