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This is the Noyer Tiny House by Minimaliste. It’s an extreme-winter-ready tiny home on wheels that’s 30’x10.5′. It starts at 118,500 CAD and features a cozy but shareable living space with office, kitchen, living area, bathroom, and a sleeping loft.

The Noyer was built in close collaboration with a client from California. This house is quite different from our previous projects on many levels, including the roof slope and the bedroom layout. This unit, just like all of our houses, is meant to perform as well in a Californian climate as in a northern climate such as Quebec. The Noyer is intended to be inhabited full-time by a couple or a single person. Here’s a more detailed presentation of this unique model.1

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10.5-ft. Wide Noyer Tiny House by Minimaliste

Noyer Tiny House on Wheels by Minimaliste 001

Images via Minimaliste

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