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It took him 5 years to build. It’s a complete labor of love. His name is Mike Basich and this is his DIY 225 sq. ft. tiny home on his 40-acre property in California. I’ve told you about him before here. But in this new video, you’ll get to go even deeper into his life and learn some new things about him and his incredible lifestyle. The best part about it all is that Mike Basich made his dreams a reality.

He even has his own chairlift which took him about 8 months to build with his friends so he can go snowboarding on his own property. His house may be tiny, but he literally has his own resort. And his tiny cabin’s design is just absolutely awesome. See for yourself below. 🙂

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Snowboarder’s Unbelievable Tiny House

Snowboarder's Unbelievable Tiny House And Property

Images © SeekerStories/YouTube

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This 228 sq. ft. tiny cabin is about 3 miles away from the nearest road so you have to get to the cabin using a snowmobile. The owner/builder (Mike Basich) is a retired pro boarder that still loves to snowboard.

One of the best features of the cabin is that it has a hot tub and a ski lift. Yes. He keeps it simple, straight to the point, and in line with his passion. His electricity comes from solar panels, his heat from firewood, and water from melted snow. So it’s safe to say he’s off the grid. Mike also has a tiny house on wheels he uses to travel around the country with his dog, snowmobile, cameras, and boards.

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Pro Snowboarder’s 228 Sq. Ft. Tiny Cabin


Images © Mike Basich

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