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For tiny house furniture post #10 I’ve changed the name to Furniture for Small Spaces to broaden the focus to any other type of smaller home including huts, cabanas, apartments, studios, yurts, RVs, etc.

This series is designed for everyone that lives in a small space. Here I’ll cover available—and concept—furniture for your smaller home. I’ll be featuring pieces with…

  • Multiple purposes
  • Hideaway features
  • Hidden storage
  • Sleekness
  • Do It Yourself capability
  • Recycled materials

If you have any ideas just send me a message here.

Today I found these microfiber storage ottomans that come in 8 different colors. They’re on sale for $91.99 on Overstock.

Photo credit: Overstock

The dimensions are 17 L x 17 W x 20 H. The lids flip over and turn into a tray. Flip it the other way and you can use it to sit or rest your legs on.

It also has some decent reviews at Overstock. Maybe you can create something like this from pieces you already have at home?