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Nestled in the woods of Asheville, NC is this modern studio cabin. It’s surrounded by an Asian inspired garden which makes the environment tranquil and perfect for a relaxed lifestyle.

The outdoor deck has bamboo privacy walls and it seems like a great space to enjoy a morning cup of coffee while gazing enjoying the nature around you. As you enter the cabin you come into the open living area which incorporates sleeping, living and dining all into one cozy space.

The kitchenette has nice windows to allow natural sunlight come in. From the kitchenette you’ll see a high top bar to eat or work on a laptop while enjoying the outdoor views thanks to the large windows. You’ll also find a full bathroom with a small sink, toilet and shower inside.

Wouldn’t this modern studio retreat in the woods be a great place to enjoy living simply and relaxing in? I think so! Either way, please enjoy and re-share below if you want. Thank you!

Modern Studio Cabin Retreat in the Woods

Asian inspired micro house

Images © Airbnb

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Guest Post by Maren Kate

You think your place is small? Try our tiny studio on for size!

We are two start up founders who have squeezed into a 250 square foot micro studio in the heart of San Francisco, California. But even though the quarters are close we still really enjoy our small place.

The reason people, like us, get shoehorned into tiny studios is because quality multiple bedroom apartments are very hard to find.

So as you wait for a 2 or 3 bedroom to become available, you crash in a studio for a temporary “quick fix”. That’s what happened with us – and nine months later we’re still here!

We found living in a small studio with a built in loft bed (so there is one bed below, one on top) saved us gobs on rent and acts almost like a college dorm – a nice place to sleep when it’s nighttime, but we rarely spend time in it during the day.

This forces us to spend more time at work, explore the city and socialize – we’ve also become utilitarians about what we “need” to live comfortably versus what we “want”.

I’d suggest everyone live in a tiny house or small studio at some point because it teaches you a lot about yourself and the person you live with, plus it’s a great lesson on why less is often more.

250 square foot Micro Studio in San Fransisco Entry Way

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