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Right now I’m showing you these A-Z Homestead Micro Living Units by Andrea Zittel of Zittel.org.

It’s an interesting simple living design that can work in numerous settings.

These homestead micro living units can also be used for a variety of purposes.

From temporary student housing and micro vacation cottages, to emergency living shelters and homeless housing solutions. Please enjoy and re-share below if you want to. Thanks!

A-Z Homestead Micro Living Units


Images © Zittel.org

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I thought you’d enjoy this story of a couple who’s living tiny in their 6′ x 9′ micro camper which happens to be a 1987 teardrop-like travel trailer.

But they have plans on upsizing into a more spacious 8′ x 20′ custom built tiny house on wheels. But for now, they’re content in their teardrop micro home.

I’ll let them tell you the story themselves below…

Couple Go Tiny in 6’x9′ Micro Travel Trailer


I encourage you to read their story, check out their tiny home, and even take the video tour below:

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