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I’m happy that Michael Bowman is sharing his tiny house vacation experience in his tiny shantyboat in Deland, FL’s historic waters of St. John’s River.

It’s a motor-powered micro houseboat! It has a 9.8hp engine that’s super fuel efficient. And in the area you can see various wilflife like manatees, bald eagles, and even alligators.

The little boat cabin can sleep up to three people. There’s a kitchenette inside plus a port-a-potty but there’s no shower. It sounds like a really fun adventure to me that I’ll probably take advantage of someday. Please enjoy and re-share this tiny shantyboat experience below. Thank you!

Tiny House Vacation in a Tiny Shantyboat in Deland, FL

Michae's Tiny Shantyboat Experience at St. John River Florida

Images © Michael Bowman/ShantyCraft.com

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I had to share this amazing DIY micro camper that doubles as a boat with you. It’s called the Mini Camper Cruiser. And it can even sit up to four people. I guess we can even call this one a micro houseboat!

This boat/camper was originally designed by Craig Titmus of Australia. Right now there are PDF plans you can purchase and download to build it yourself on DuckWorks Boatbuilder’s Supply. The plans cost $35 as I’m writing this. Check it out below and let me know what you think about it in the comments.

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DIY Micro Camper That Doubles as a Micro Houseboat!

DIY Micro Camper that Doubles as a Boat - The Mini Camper Cruiser

Images © PortableBoatPlans.com

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LaMar Alexander, of Simple Solar Homesteading, is sharing this awesome 8×12 stealth-boat tiny house design as part of our 2015 8×12 tiny house design contest. But he is just sharing it for fun and inspiration so he is not accepting any prizes. Thanks for sharing, LaMar!

“This is an 8×12 Pontoon Stealth-boat designed for recreation or could be used for permanent living. The pontoons are filled with unsinkable foamular rigid board. The Stealthboat deck is 8×12 with ample room on the nose deck for fishing. There is a storage compartment under the nose deck for fishing and camping gear.

There is a 4×8 diving platform that can also be used for a sundeck or storage for transporting stuff to your campground. There are headlights and rear lights and there is a 100 watt solar panel on the roof and two or more deep cycle batteries under the platform bed.

The steering compartment has two seats that can be rotated around to use for eating at the slide out tables. There is a small kitchen galley with propane stove and microwave or toaster oven. There is a wardrobe closes with pull out desk on the opposite side. The bed is large enough for two people and under the bed storage for a camp toilet, ice chest or 12 volt fridge and two or more deep cycle batteries.

The front and rear windows are hinged and are used to enter and exit the boat. There are deck cleats for anchoring the boat or used for securing gear. A small electric outboard or trolling motor would power the Stealthboat.”

LaMar Alexander’s 8×12 Stealth-boat Tiny House Design


Images © LaMar Alexander/Simple Solar Homesteading

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