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This story is a guest post by Janet Caldwell

Well, have I got a story for you -Rev. Jeff Obafemi Carr, once homeless himself, is living in Nashville’s FIRST micro model home until enough money is raised to build a village of micro-homes for the homeless.

Through the efforts Infinity Fellowship where he is the Lead Minister, Jeff is living in a 60 square foot micro-home and will continue to live there until enough funds are raised to build a “micro-village” for homeless to live in for FREE. This is a crowd-funded GoFundMe page initiative that has raised more than half of the $50,000 needed so far. Jeff has been living there for 26 days now while his wife and five children continue to live in their residence.

Please see media release below, as well as photos attached for more information.

Reverend Living in Micro House to Raise Money for Homeless


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