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This is a 139 sq. ft. micro apartment in Poland that has been remodeled to become surprisingly comfortable to live simply in.

It was redesigned by Szymon Hanczar and includes a hammock, desk, sleeping loft, bicycle storage, a wardrobe, kitchenette, and a bathroom. Just about everything you need when living in a city! You’ll even find a combo washer/dryer hidden in the closet near the ladder to the loft. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Amazing 139 Sq. Ft. Micro Apartment in Poland

Amazing 139 Sq. Ft. Micro Apartment in Poland

Images © Hanczar

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Kitoko Studio architects in France have decided to take this old “maid room” in Paris and redesign it into a transforming 86 sq. ft. micro apartment studio.

Normally spaces such as these are so small that people end up using them as storage spaces but with some smart design concepts it has been turned into a nice and affordable living space in France’s capital.

Sliding doors and cabinets reveal a sleeping loft, storage spaces, a pullout staircase, a wardrobe, dining table, and more. Please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you!

86 Sq. Ft. ‘Swiss Army’ Micro Apartment in Paris


Images © Kitoko Studio/Vimeo/Fabienne Delafray

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When the architects, Specht Harpman, were presented with a project to renovate this 425 sq ft apartment they didn’t realize it would be their most unusual project yet.

The way the apartment was laid out was odd for the amount of space it had. In addition the ceilings went up vertically 25 feet with access to the rooftop terrace.

The four level loft plan brought a solution to this modern micro apartment. It was inventive and creative.

Each loft flowed from one level to the next making the feel of the apartment very open and inviting.

The first level is the entry to the apartment plus the kitchen.  Just a few stairs up is the main living area, above the living area would be the sleeping space with a cantilevered bed pavilion.

The final stairs lead up to the garden rooftop terrace. Perfect for a small dog!

Check out the built-in storage on the stairs of the lower level. Looks like plenty of space to store all your necessitates, right?

And don’t forget about the bathroom…it’s located just under the staircase.

4-Level Flowing Modern Micro Loft Apartment with Rooftop Garden Terrace


Images © Specht Harpman

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I think you’re going to love how this guy turned a 182 sq. ft. storage space into an awesome, fully livable 8-room micro apartment in Seattle.

That’s right. At first he was just looking for some storage space to keep some of his extra stuff. Once he took a better look, he immediately realized that the space had more potential than just for storage.

Since he used to design airplane interiors for Boeing, he decided to use his expertise to create a home that would fit into the 182-square-foot storage space.


Photo Credit YouTube/Faircompanies

Let’s go inside, shall we?

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