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Did you see the historically-accurate Viking hut we featured earlier this week? When I came across this Mayan Coba Hut in Tulum, Mexico, it was remarkable to me to see the similarities in the building style — the thatch roof, the a-frame design — just goes to show you that great tiny building transcends time, geography and cultures!

This hut in the jungle is an awesome vacation spot, where you can sleep in a queen bed while listening to nature sounds all around. There’s an outdoor bathroom area walled in by trees, including a magical shower. The hut is run 100% on solar power, and there’s even WiFi!

You can book your stay over at Airbnb.

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Stay in a Mayan Coba Hut A-Frame in Tulum, Mexico

Mayan Coba Hut in Tulum Jungle 10

Images via Airbnb

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