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This is an amazing Garden House with sliding walls!

You have to watch the video to get the full effect, but this standard-cabin shape-shifts into multiple different configurations, including one with a beautiful glass greenhouse in the middle.

Caspar Schols built this wonderful house as his mother’s hobby space.

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Garden House with Sliding Walls for Mom

Images via De Zeen

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Could you imagine an entire tiny house just for meditating? This architect designed and built just that so that he could have a place to quietly get away.

He even included a fountain to mask unwanted sounds so that he could use the space as intended. As I was looking at it though I was wondering: you’d probably think about living in here wouldn’t you?

Well… So did I. The two big windows face east and west so that there’s always sunlight coming through the structure.

Leave it to us to figure out where to put what in this tiny space since it wasn’t designed to live in.

I think you could create two separate sleeping platforms in the lofts by the two large windows. This could create two semi-private areas for sleeping. But if it’s just you the other can be left alone or used as storage.

Then downstairs you can create your living space along with a mini kitchen and bathroom.

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Do you think it could work? How would you design it for yourself?

Tiny House for Meditation by Jeffery S Poss

Photo Credit Jeffery S Poss, Architect


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