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DIY Tiny House Builder Looking for Space to Park & Dwell – Share Your Tiny Living Story Too!

Hi Alex and Tiny House Newsletter readers, I have been a fan of Tiny House Talk for almost a year now and I really appreciate you bringing the tiny house community together like you have.

I started building my tiny house in January and it will be livable by this December. My fiancee and I are Senior college students at Messiah College in Mechanicsburg, PA and we will be getting married on January 2.

We would like to live in our tiny house for our last semester of college in the spring but are having trouble finding a place to put our tiny house to live in from January to May. After we graduate in May we can really go anywhere but would like to look in Maryland, particularly around the Baltimore/DC area because that is where our family is.

DIY Tiny House Builder Looking for Dwelling/Parking Space


Image © Austin Eschenwald

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In this post I wanted to share this story on a young married couple who build a tiny home with no mortgage or debt.

I don’t know what stage you are in life right now and for sure it’s never too late to build and live tiny.

I’m just saying wouldn’t it be great if more people decided to live in this way, no matter what age? I think so.

Not only is it more sustainable for our environment, but it’s a more financially sustainable life, too. Meet Jen, her husband and their new tiny house.

“Hi! My husband and I are just about finished with our tiny house so I thought I’d share as your page has been super influential to our build! “

(Thank you for sharing, Jen!)

Married Couple’s Tiny Home

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