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This is an inspiring story about an ordinary man who builds a tiny house for a homeless mother, Irene McGee, who’d been sleeping outside on the dirt. It’s a micro house built with love for someone who was obviously in desperate need of a miracle. And this man was that miracle worker.

He decided he would build the micro house right on the street on a parking lot for her. In the video below you can enjoy and see how he built it. You can actually learn something about building from watching too! As to where and for how long they were able to keep it, I don’t know.

But the point of the video (below) is to inspire you to take action and do something like this too if you feel called to. The man, Elvis Summers, spent $500 to build it. He put wheels on it so they can move it every 72 hours to comply with local police. Either way please enjoy and if you like it re-share with your friends below. Thank you!

Man Builds Tiny House for Homeless Mother Sleeping in Dirt


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