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This is the story of the Vastu tiny cabin that was designed and built by a father and son using Maharishi Vastu Architecture design principles. It’s a 200-square-foot tiny home on a foundation with everything you need.

It has a full kitchen with marble countertops, a full bathroom with a shower, a spacious sleeping loft, a covered front porch entryway, and more. What do you think, is this a design that you can see yourself living in long-term?

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The Elegant Vastu Tiny Cabin Designed and Built by Father/Son using Maharishi Vastu Design Principles

Father and son design/build the perfect 200-square-foot tiny cabin - Images © VastuCabin.com

Images © VastuCabin.com

I encourage you to enjoy the rest of the tour (including video and interview with designer/builders) and learn more below:

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