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Ma Maison Logique‘s second tiny house design, the Novio, is a 210 square foot minimalist stunner with an open concept floor plan and massive picture windows. Their first tiny house is here.

The Novio has clever space-saving features like a composting toilet in a drawer, a shower in a closet, and a ladder tucked away in the wall; in addition to thoughtful touches, like the skylight in the loft for stargazing. Some people may not enjoy the idea of a toilet hidden in their clothes closet, in which case the closet could easily be repurposed as a bathroom storage space for toilet paper, cleaning products, etc.

This tiny home was designed as a guest house for their clients, who have access to electricity year round.  It is heated with 2 small electric baseboard heaters and has high performing insulation and a heat recovery air exchange ventilator (HRV) to help manage heat and humidity in the small space.

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Modern Tiny House with Hidden Bathroom & Space Saving Furniture

Image © Exploring Alternatives

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Pascal and Catherine built their first tiny house in just 40 days and are currently living in it as their second home. They’re a couple from Kamouraska, Québec, Canada, that started a tiny house building company called “Ma Maison Logique,” which in English means “my logical house.” Pascal designed the tiny house to withstand extreme Canadian winters by using triple pane windows and installing a tiny wood stove. They also installed an air exchange vent in the bathroom to keep fresh air flowing in and used natural, non-toxic paint and oil finishes to ensure good air quality indoors.

Catherine is an interior designer, and you’ll see that she added simple touches throughout the tiny house to make it seem more spacious while at the same time keeping it cozy and comfortable. The tiny house can be off-grid because it has a low-tech composting toilet, 28-gallon fresh water tank, propane stove & the possibility of adapting the fridge to run on propane as well. They don’t have solar panels installed yet, but it’s an option they’re looking into. For the moment, the tiny house is plugged into shore power and is connected to a municipal water supply.

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Couple Builds And Lives In Amazing DIY Tiny House

Ma Maison Logique 001

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