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This is the story of Naval architect Kurt Hughes and the incredible sci-fi tiny house that he built which is a replica of a Lunar Lander spacecraft designed to for a Moon landing. This isn’t the first time that Hughes has built something out of the ordinary, but he’s been working on this project for the last seven years (on weekends) using inspiration and his experience from the world of boat construction. Kurt’s Lunar Lander Sci-Fi tiny house is located in Beverly, Washington and he currently uses it as a getaway/vacation cabin.

This is very likely one of the most unique, innovative, and interesting tiny homes we’ve gotten to show you this year. Our biggest thanks to Jenna over at Tiny House Giant Journey and her popular and awesome YouTube Channel for allowing us to collaborate and share this with you. Mr. Hughes also runs a blog called the Lunar Lander Dwelling which you can check out.

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Kurt Hughes’ Sci-Fi ‘Lunar Lander’ Tiny House🛸🌚

He built a Sci-Fi tiny house that’s a replica of the Lunar Lander Image © Tiny House Giant Journey 001

Images © Tiny House Giant Journey/YouTube

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