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Lina and her cat, Raffi, are used to tiny dwellings, so they thoroughly enjoy this cozy Vardo-inspired Lucky Penny tiny house in Portland, Oregon, that Lina designed and helped build herself. The tiny home is a whopping 100.3 square feet, 14 1/2 feet long, 8 feet wide, 10 1/2 feet high. The “lucky penny” nickname comes from the fact that most of the interior and exterior are copper-colored, including the small refrigerator.

The front cedar porch folds up flat to allow transporting the home from one place to another.  As you enter the home, you will see a chest of drawers to the left, equipped with storage for jewelry, change, and receipts.  The top 3 drawers of the chest hold Lina’s wardrobe, the 4th drawer her shoes, and the bottom drawer contains Raffi’s litter box!  Lina cut a hole in the side of the bottom drawer with enough space for Raffi to squeeze in and out to do his business, while maintaining his privacy.

The open skylight running almost the entire length of the house provides more openness and brightness, allowing Lina and her kitty to enjoy the trees, birds and sunlight pouring through it.  The Tansu Japanese step chest that Lina found on Craigslist stores many items, while also allowing easy access to the upper loft where additional storage is located.

Young Lady’s Lucky Penny Tiny Home


Images © Tiny House Giant Journey

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