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If you’re thinking about getting a composting toilet for your tiny house (or any size house, really) then read this first.

You can always check out the top 5 composting toilets we recommend for tiny houses. But sometimes nothing beats doing it yourself. It’s cheaper, it’s more rewarding, and you’ll appreciate it more because you built it! And yes, you can still keep the smell away. All it takes is sawdust.

It’s a relatively simple project and won’t cost you more than $60 in materials to complete. You might even be able to find scrap materials and build your own composting toilet for free. That sounds better than spending up to $1,750 on composting toilets like the ones I showed you here, right?

There’s nothing wrong with any of the composting toilets on the market. In fact, the ones I mentioned here are pretty awesome. It’s just that not everybody has that kind of money to spend. So why not consider a simple solution like this if you and your family are open to it? Especially if you’re into carpentry already, right? Or if you’re looking to get started, this might be a great first project. So just for inspiration, I wanted to share one of our readers, Nicole’s, DIY Humanure Composting Toilet Project. And I’ve provided resources on how to build your own at the bottom of this post in case you’re inspired to build one too. Enjoy!

Woman’s DIY Humanure Composting Toilet Project

Nicole's DIY Composting Toilet Project

Images © Nicole Martin

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