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Al works as a carpenter and Jessica works in PR, but when they come home at night, it’s to a cozy 55-foot-long narrowboat moored somewhere along the canalways of London.

Their narrowboat lifestyle allows them to live with a lower carbon footprint and get closer to nature, while still living in the city — the best of both worlds! And month-to-month their expenses are less than renting, although big-time expenses do pop up (like, you know, a new engine!).

While they’ve owned “Peace Frog” now for two years, they spent time on land after a fire burnt much of the boat, requiring a full renovation inside. That said, the renovation has made this boat quite gorgeous and homey! Jessica shares her tiny living story at the end of the photo tour, so be sure to read it! You can follow them on Instagram here.

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Off-Grid on the London Canalways: Peace Frog

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