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This is the Lomax Tiny House Community in San Pierre, Indiana. Buy your own land and live with 14 other tiny house enthusiasts:

There are 15 lots for sale starting at $16,500 to $ 28,500 for a 1/4 acre parcel. Financing is available to qualified buyers with 15% down at 5.9% APR.

Lomax is a tiny home community in the beautiful woods of northern Indiana, two hours from Chicago. Lomax is nestled on 34 acres, gated for privacy and security. Guests are surrounded by more than 20,000 trees hand planted over the past 25 years, which now presents itself as a forest full of wildlife roaming freely. The Kankakee River provides not only canoeing and kayaking but bird watching and serene waters for fishing. Tiny homes on wheels are allowed, though they must be skirted. See deed restrictions.

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Lomax Tiny House Community in San Pierre, Indiana

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