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Right now I’m sharing how this woman turned her Honda Element vehicle into a Micro RV so she can go on a two month cross country trip throughout the United States and Canada.

Her name is Michelle Sevigny and she even found her dog, Lucy, in Nova Scotia while on the trip. In the video below you’ll get to see exactly how she set up her Honda Element and her little secrets learned and shared while camping and traveling with it.

Before she embarked on this adventure she considered an RV, VW Westfalia, and a travel trailer. But RVs were so expensive, the Westfalia’s were also expensive to maintain/repair, and hauling a travel trailer was just kind of out of the question. Plus, the cost of gas.

So her solution was to create a Tiny RV out of a 2005 Honda Element instead. And she did just that. It’s great on gas, easy to drive around in, and only a few minor modifications were required to make it all work.

She even works out of the van on her location independent business, Dogsafe Canine First Aid (www.dogsafe.ca). And she plans on continuing to save money to build her own tiny house on the west coast of Canada (British Columbia) soon.

Woman Turns Honda Element into her own Micro RV


Images © Michelle Sevigny/YouTube

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Extremely Small Car Camping

This small car camper is unbelievable.  It’s a really really small car and the owner has put every feature into it.  The downside to the size is that you have to convert the car for every different feature.

But he has managed to squeeze in a bed, shower, kitchen, and his drums.

It’s a hatchback car so when you open the back it becomes sort of like a galley in a teardrop trailer.

Below is the set up of the base of the car for storage and sleeping platform.

Car Camper

Photo credits: Camping-205.tk

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Ever wonder what it would be like living in a car? Or camping… Well, here are some interesting photos of how someone converted their station wagon into a sleeper.

I definitely wouldn’t want to actually live like this but it has to be one of the most economical ways to travel long distances. Cars a great on gas, they’re stealthy, and super easy to drive.

I have known people that set their small SUV’s up in this way with an air mattress when traveling cross country. It’s interesting to see it done with small cars as well. And hey, it’s an alternative to a teardrop camper when you don’t want to spend the money and trouble.

I wonder if the same can be done with regular sedans because the rear seats usually fold down. I guess the challenge would be creating a flat platform to sleep on.  So here, have a look how this one is set up…

car-camping-1 car-camping-2

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