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Christina & Jeremiah are the kind of couple that has beaten the odds. They were high school sweethearts — each other’s first loves — who are now happily married AND working together while living in a van!

The photographer-videographer duo capture weddings and elopements in the Western United States, all while hitting up National Parks in their 2001 Dodge Ram Camper Van. They purchased the van already built-out, and have made some adjustments along the way.

They purchased the van back in November 2019, and started full-time living in it during the March 2020 lockdown. Talk about a wild ride! Enjoy their video tour with Tiny Home Tours below, and check out their Instagram here.

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They Bought An Already-Converted 2001 Dodge Ram Campervan

High School Sweethearts Turned Wedding/Elopement Photographers & Their Van Life 4

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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