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Introducing… Adorable Abodes out of Northumberland Cty which is just north of Brighton, Ontario, Canada. They design and build “adorable abodes” that are “bigger and better than tiny homes” from as little as 350-square-feet up to 505-square-feet.

They are also drawing up plans for a community of these beautiful tiny/small homes. Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? We love this concept. Please re-share this story with anyone you know who may be interested/inspired by it. Thanks!🙏

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Adorable Abodes Tiny Homes and Potential Community

Adorable Abodes Tiny Homes and Upcoming Community 001

Image © AdorableAbodes.ca

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This the Two Bedroom Wee House Cottage by The Wee House Company.

It’s located on the beautiful Dalduff Farm in South Ayrshire, Scotland and this is the story of how it came to be. Enjoy!

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731-square-foot Cottage on the Dalduff Farm in Scotland

Two Bedroom Wee House in South Ayshire Scotland Images © The Wee House Co.

Images © The Wee House Co.

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Right now I’m taking you to a 570 sq. ft. tiny cottage.

It’s located in the forest of rural Sweden.

This little house was originally built in 1970 and later renovated in 2012.

Inside you’ll find hardwood floors, partial concrete floors, tiles, bricks, and plenty of windows throughout. Please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you.

570 Sq. Ft. Tiny Cottage in Rural Sweden


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‘From Tiny House to Little House’ is a guest post by Jane Dwinell

After living and traveling in our Tiny House for a year, we decided it was time to settle down. We missed gardening, and wanted the community you can build by staying in one place. We looked for property and found what we wanted in Vermont on the shores of Lake Champlain.

Unfortunately, the Tiny House was not built to withstand a Vermont winter. And, to be honest, we wanted more space…. not much more, but more. If we had known we were going to stay put in a Tiny House, we would have designed and built it differently. We would have gone to the tallest height we could have legally (instead of two feet lower for ease of going down the road), and had a sleeping loft. That would have given us more floor space in the living area, and greater storage options. We would have added more insulation, and been less concerned about weight.


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