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When 22 year old Lily Kemp wanted to escape the trap of high rent in New Zealand she made a $1000 vintage pop-up camping trailer her affordable tiny housing solution.

Today she parks it in someone’s backyard and pays much, much less in rent. According to Living Big in a Tiny House, she now even has enough free time and money to take months off of work during summers to enjoy life and relax. Pretty cool, right?

As far as the camper goes, this is the most homey pop up camping tailer I’ve ever seen! Inside you’ll find a tiny kitchen, sleeping area, and dinette. I think she’s really smart for doing this, don’t you? She found a way to live simply on much less money than most people and she’s enjoying the process too. I see a bright future for her! How about you? What are your thoughts on living in a tiny pop up camper?

Woman Escapes High Rent with a Tiny Pop Up Camper


Images © LivingBiginaTinyHouse.com

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