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The Y:Cube is a Lego-style prefabricated tiny housing solution designed to alleviate the affordable housing shortage in London after a report by the English Housing Survey revealed that most renters throughout England are spending 47 percent of their entire after-tax income on rent.

And according to this article from Russia Times, people in London are spending even more with an average of 73 percent of their pre-tax income being spent on rent. In response to this housing crisis, the London South West YMCA has come up with a solution called the Y:Cube.

The units are 26m2 (or 280 square feet) and are designed by Rogers Stirk Habour + Partners, an award-winning architecture firm in London. When you go inside one of the units you’ll find everything you need! A bathroom, kitchen, living area, desk, and a cozy place to sleep. But best of all, the price is affordable. According to the Russia Times, the units cost about €30,000 British Pounds which converts to about $47,000 in United States Dollars.

280 Sq. Ft. Y:Cube Prefab Tiny Houses in London


Images © RT

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