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You’re probably one of many people who desperately wish it was easier to live in tiny houses legally without having to move across the country.

Right now, there are places to live tiny, but there’s not that many. In fact, it’s still illegal in most places and there aren’t far enough tiny house friendly communities out there to support us.

That’s why Alexis, Christian, Kai, and a handful of other tiny house enthusiasts are coming together to create a free documentary to educate people on legal tiny house living options. I’m confident that this will directly impact and influence the number of tiny house communities throughout the world. And right now you can help raise money for this free film by selecting and purchasing a perk to receive with your donation. Please enjoy the film preview below, learn more, and re-share below because we need your help to spread the word! Thanks!

Yes, You Can Help Living Tiny Become Legal!

Living Tiny Legally 01

Images © Tiny House Expedition via YouTube and IndieGoGo

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I’m excited to share how this man is now legally living in his 84 sq. ft. tiny home on wheels on a foundation in Spur, Texas.

And he’s doing it in his 7′ x 12′ tiny house on wheels that was built by Tennessee Tiny Homes back in the day.

Well, this is how Conor Mccann is legally living in his micro cabin on his own land in Spur, Texas and learn from his experience too.

Below you can learn how Conor did it all. He shows how anyone else can do it too. And he did it ALL for $47,270.26 including the land, hookups, fees, etc. He even shares how he insured his tiny home and how much this whole adventure cost him in detail.

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He built a legal tiny house in Spur, Texas!

Man Legally Living in 84 Sq. Ft. Tiny Home in Spur Texas

Images © Conor Mccann

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It’s been a while since I discussed the issues of tiny house zoning, codes, and communities.

And asked the question, “can you actually live tiny legally?”

This post will give you my ideas when it comes to legally living tiny, creating communities, and opportunities in the tiny house world.

You’ll also get to read an email from a reader who asked some really great questions (he’s a land use planner).

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Legally Living in Tiny Houses

“I am curious about the “tiny house” as  a legitimate, full time housing option…do they/can they…meet building codes, be attached to the ground, be connected to public water, sewer, and other public utilities, meet energy code standards, meet zoning codes, etc.”

I urge you to read more about legally living tiny, creating communities and even opportunities below:

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