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This is to let you know about this Minnesota Tiny House vacation experience hosted by Kim on Airbnb. The tiny house is located right on Minnesota Lakeshore out of Faribault, Minnesota.

It’s a 267-sq.-ft. home on wheels, parked with an oversized deck, all overlooking the lake which you can kayak on if you want to. Did you know, this THOW was featured on Tiny House Nation back in 2015, it’s on Season 1, Episode 8, according to the Airbnb listing? You can probably watch the episode on Amazon.

The family that owns it lived in it for 4-and-a-half-years, but once their kids grew up, they decided to have more space. So now they share their tiny house with the community as a vacation rental experience. How cool is that?

267-sq.-ft. Family-friendly Tiny House Vacation in Minnesota (Lakefront!)

Family-friendly Tiny House Vacation in Minnesota Lakefront via Kim on Airbnb 001

Images via Kim/Airbnb

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