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This is a tiny house video tour that I just ran into and you have likely not seen yet.

The house was built at Lake Michigan College and the video was also created by them.

Yes, it is a Tumbleweed Tiny House – the Weebee.  You used to be able to buy plans to build one just like it at Tumbleweed, but this is more of a classic/vintage design now that I’m not sure you can get the plans for any more.

This one is 102 square feet and is even equipped with a solar tube for light in the kitchen which is simple and requires no energy for light.

Aaron Closson is LMC’s green building instructor. Next, they are planning to install solar panels for the house plus a self-contained solar water heater.

Lake Michigan College’s Tiny House on Wheels!

Lake Michigan College's Tiny House

Enjoy the video tour of the house right here…

Video tour of the Tiny House at LMC

The Green Building Academy at the college exists thanks to an energy grant courtesy of Michigan Community College Association.

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