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Guest Post: Our 415 Sq. Ft. Koastal Cottage Tiny Home with Bath and a Half!

We RVed full time in a 40′ fifth wheel for three years with our younger daughter (our elder daughter was already grown) and then moved into an apartment in Williamsburg, Virginia.

When Kaitie left for college, we moved back into the RV, placing it in a small mobile home park. Seven years later, when a tree destroyed the RV, we ordered a tiny home from Lil’ Lodges in Tallahassee, FL.

Now York County wants us to move, stating our home is an park model RV (although it is too large and an actual RV was here for SEVEN years!).

415 Sq. Ft. Koastal Cottage Tiny Home


Image © LilLodges.com

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