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In this video interview you’ll get to meet a family of three (husband, wife, and daughter) who have downsized to a 117 sq. ft. tiny home on wheels.

They built it the house from scratch by hand in the mornings while later working nights. It took only 3 months to have it move in ready.

They went from paying $400 a month in utilities with their big house to paying only about $20 a month today in their tiny house. Now the family lives simply with no television.

And for them the decision to go tiny wasn’t just about money. It’s about living a better life for everybody. The house cost about $6-$8k to build thanks to being able to use recycled materials.

They spent an extra $12,000 to put up solar panels to power the house without having to completely rely on the grid. Please enjoy the video tour below.

Family of 3 Downsizes into 117 Sq. Ft. Tiny Home


Image © Jimmy Marlow V

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Meet Alysha, her kids, and their tiny house in Red Bluff, California. It was built with the help of the Oregon Cottage Company.

She decided to move she and her kids into a tiny home after her husband passed away tragically and unexpectedly in his early 30s after serving in the United States Air Force.

Alysha knew she had to do the best with what she had. So she decided to pick up a lifestyle that would allow her to spend the most time raising her two young children, especially since she would do it alone.

Her tiny house was built by architect Todd Miller in Eugene, Oregon. She now rents out her former ‘big house’ for immediate income and lives in the backyard.

Woman Goes Tiny with Family After Husband Dies

I encourage you to enjoy the complete story and tiny house tour below in video:

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