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Tiny Heirloom is proving you can fit a whole lot into just 20 feet! This itty-bitty THOW has a downstairs bedroom (and upstairs living area!), room for a washer/dryer combo and a functional kitchen and bathroom.

It has a shed-style roof with extra space above the living room, bringing the total height to a road-legal 13 ft and 6 inches. You can get this tiny house in a number of styles, including modern, craftsman and farmhouse. The basic model starts at $69,990, and you can design your own here at Tiny Heirloom.

Enjoy the photo rendering tour below! I can’t wait to see this one built out.

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New 20-Foot Keepsake Model from Tiny Heirloom

Keepsake Tiny Heirloom 003

Images via Tiny Heirloom

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