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Check out this beautiful, quaint Karina cottage in Washington state.

Outside, you’ll notice a mixture of grey sidings and a burnt orange door on a covered front porch. The house sits on a lush green lawn and is separated from the sidewalk with a low stone wall.

On the inside, this house is crisp, clean and contemporary. The grey walls are accented by cream trim and Brazilian tigerwood floors. It comes with a woodburning stove and a ully functional kitchen with a butcher block counter. The first-floor bedroom is equally chic, and the house includes two wonderful spa-style bathrooms. Both include glass showers, but the master bathroom also includes a large tub for soaking and relaxing.

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The Karina Cottage in Washington State

The Karina Cottage by Karen DeLucas 001

Images © Karen DeLucas via detailsofhome.blogspot.com

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