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This is Julio Garcia’s shipping container cabin in Savannah, Georgia.

According to Faircompanies, he spent a decade designing plans for shipping container homes before building this.

Garcia used salvaged materials for nearly everything, “you could put up a structure like this for about 50K,” he says.1

Salvaged Shipping Container Cabin in Savannah

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In Savannah, GA there is an abundance of unwanted shipping containers left in the city’s port. After being used for one-way flow of consumer goods from China to America these heavy duty containers can easily be re-purposed for environmentally conscious homes.

Julio Garcia, architect, decided to do just that with two 40′ shipping containers to build his own home and studio. The two shipping containers are placed about 6′ apart. The 6′ gap has a wood-framed floor and shed roof, and the container sidewalls were cut open to create a large spacious living room. This home has one bedroom, one bathroom and a kitchen. What do you think?

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Artist’s Shipping Container Home and Studio


Images © Tessa Blumenberg

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