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Built back in the 1960s, this prefab house still stands strong today. Owner, Jens Risom, a legendary furniture designer, had this small house built on a seven acre plot of land located at the northern tip of Block Island, Rhode Island.

When he had the house built he knew exactly how he wanted it positioned on the lot to allow the most amount of sunlight inside. Risom says his favorite times of day are early morning and late afternoon.

The home is bolted down on a foundation to stay strong during winter winds and rough weather conditions. There are two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a sleeping loft, large living and dining area and kitchen.

At age 97, Risom still visits the island. There’s something peaceful about the island. It’s a unique feeling when you are there. Maybe because he has created so many family memories here over time. Now his grandchildren also come to visit the beach home.

Please enjoy and re-share the tour, video and interview below. Thank you.

Jens Risom’s Oceanside Prefab Cottage


Image © John Zimmerman
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