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Had to show you this amazing micro home called Tiny House Japan.

It’s obviously a Japanese inspired and designed little shelter on wheels.

This mobile micro cabin was designed and built by Tagami Haruhiko and is meant for use as a tiny camping trailer able to be towed by a small vehicle.

Another cool feature which you’ll get to see more of below is that the structure can be separated from the trailer chassis so you can leave it parked on camp, at the garden, etc. while getting to use the trailer for something else if you wanted.

And did I mention that it has a pop up roof feature? You’ll actually be able to watch a video of it in action below.

I encourage you to enjoy, comment about it below, and re-share if you want.

Introducing: Tiny House Japan

© instagram.com/tinyhousejapan

All Images © Tagami Haruhiko

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