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This modern truck camper easily fits inside the bed of this F-150 truck. Inside there’s everything you would need to go camping comfortably… A fold out couch bed, kitchen, and a toilet. It’s called the QuickUp Camper.

As you enter the camper on the right there’s a kitchen. Opposite of that is the port-a-potty area. On both sides there are couches that turn into a bed. When not in bed mode, you can set up your table to eat, work, or play cards. Below the sink and sofa beds there’s plenty of compartments for storage. That means you can bring your coffee maker, shower kit, a tent, and whatever else you might need. And it all fits out of sight so your mind is clear. It’s genius because when folded down it’s smaller and sleeker than you’d imagine and it takes just 30 seconds to transform. Check it out!

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Jay’s Genius Transforming Truck Camper

Truck Camper QuickUp In Action

Photos Courtesy of QuickUp Camper/Jay Baldwin Designs

Don’t miss the rest of the photos and the video tour demonstration below. This is a great addition to our micro shelters section.

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