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I was contacted by the folks over at Custom Made about a tiny house movement infographic that they created for us which shares how less is more. And how in many ways we’re going back to square one with tiny homes.

It’s obvious that the word on simple living is growing and I believe it’s because it just makes sense. People from all sorts of backgrounds are editing their lives to make it easier for themselves to live simpler, happier lives.

The best part is that there are so many benefits you can experience when simplifying. Like more money, less waste, a healthier environment, better relationships, and an overall happier and more meaningful life.

I think this infographic represents just about all of that. It also shows us some disturbing facts about where we’ve been heading as a society. And I think you’ll agree that what we’ve been doing as a collective society doesn’t make much sense at all. But we’re changing that now, aren’t we? There is hope.

Less Is More Tiny House Movement Infographic


Images © CustomMade.com

Please enjoy and re-share the full infographic below:

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