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I first met Graham Wales at a tiny house workshop in Wilmington, NC last year.

He immediately told me about his dreams of becoming a tiny house builder by starting his own company to offer design/build services.

I thought that was awesome and it gets better because today he’s accomplishing exactly what he told me along with completing his first tiny house on wheels project that I’m excited about showing you here today.

The house he built is called: The Inaugural. And his company: East Coast Tiny Homes. (Update: East Coast Tiny Homes is no longer in business)

Graham also took the time to let me interview him which you can read below.

I think you’ll really like the home since it has some space saving features that you probably haven’t seen before in other small houses so enjoy below and share what you liked most about it in the comments below.

Introducing: East Coast Tiny Houses (Interview)

East Coast Tiny Houses

© EastCoastTinyHomes

I hope you enjoy touring his tiny house below along with the interview with Graham (founder of East Coast Tiny Homes) below:

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