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This is the Acorn Tiny House by Humble Handcraft. It’s a beautiful and simple 16-foot tiny home on wheels. Originally, Ryan had built himself a much bigger (28-ft) tiny house.

But after experiencing the California wildfires in 2017, and having to move such a big tiny house, Ryan found that he really wanted something much smaller. So that’s why he built his new 16-ft Acorn tiny home. He downsized from tiny to tinier!

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The Acorn Tiny House by Humble Handcraft… Ryan Builds a Smaller Tiny Home

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This is Ryan’s exquisite 28.5ft custom tiny home on wheels with a ‘shark fin’ stabilizer on the roof which also gives you more space in the sleeping loft.

He built most of the tiny home himself using locally sourced materials. The outcome is simply amazing.

Please see it for yourself below, learn more, and then let us know what you think about it in the comments. Thanks!

Ryan’s Amazing Handcrafted 28.5ft ‘Shark Fin’ Tiny House on Wheels

Ryans Shark Fin Tiny House via Living Big in a Tiny House 001

Images via Living Big in a Tiny House/YouTube

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