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This is Seth Mizter’s “not so tiny” tiny house on wheels.

He sold his two-story home to create a 400-sq.-foot abode – what he calls “a grid/off-grid writer’s retreat [on an] organic farm.” He still hasn’t finished the interior, but his current build cost is amazingly low, at $22,776.45.

Outside, you’ll notice a simple rectangular build completed with dark grey vertical siding and contrasting caramel-colored cedar trim. He used Low E windows to help with his passive heating system, which relies on the position of the tiny house to get the most warmth from the sun.

When you go inside, you won’t find much but Sheetrock and a toilet he fashioned from a bucket and toilet seat for the time being. The good news is you can follow the entire DIY tiny home build on his YouTube channel and Facebook Page, where he posts videos about his every step to becoming a tiny-home owner.

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Seth’s Not So Tiny, Tiny House on Wheels

The Not-So-Tiny, Tiny House on Wheels

Images © The Not-so-Tiny, Tiny House on Wheels via Facebook

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