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This may or may not be the World’s Tiniest Hotel, one luxurious room located above an adorable cafe in Denmark where you can spend the night and enjoy breakfast the next morning.

It’s called the Central Hotel & Cafe and you can read more about the quaint and cozy room (featuring great recycled materials and furniture) over at Living In A Shoebox.

Enjoy the pictures below!

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The World’s Tiniest Hotel? One-Room Denmark Vacation

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This is The Gypsy at Tiny Digs Portland Hotel and it’s exactly what you were imagining: A gypsy wagon!

What you might not have expected is that this hotel is pet-friendly. Designed for a weekend or week-long stay, this wagon comes complete with a luxurious bed encased in beautiful flowing bohemian curtains, a comfy pink couch for relaxing after a day of site-seeing, and even a little desk for responding to a few office emails you just can’t ignore (or eating breakfast). There’s a full bathroom and a kitchenette as well.

Get all the details, and book your stay, below!

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The Gypsy at Tiny Digs Portland Hotel

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This is the Beach Tiny House at Tiny Digs Portland Hotel.

Stay here for $145 a night.

Please enjoy, learn more and re-share below!

Beach Tiny House at Tiny Digs Portland Hotel: $145/night

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When Hotel Elqui Domos in Elqui, Chile wanted to renovate their seven astronomical domes and add several astronomical cabins for their star gazing guests they hired Rodrigo Duque Motta Architects for the job.

The cabins are definitely NOT tiny, and hardly small, at approximately 1765 sq. ft. each. But I still thought the design was inspiring and could be used for inspiration on a smaller scale. And the existing dome renovations are in fact small (and both are just awesome), as you’ll get to see below.

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Astronomical Domes and Star Gazing Cabins Renovation


Images © Cristóbal Palma

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You might have already learned about the Tiny House Hotel in Laura’s recent post.

I’ve even featured a few of their tiny houses recently including the Miter Box.

The best part is that you (and anyone else) can stay in these awesome little homes.

Almost two years ago I blogged about giant sewage tubes being turned into a tiny house hotel in Mexico.

Today, so far, we’ve got three stick built tiny houses on trailers in Portland, Oregon as the country’s first official “Tiny House Hotel.”

And I’ll bet there’s more in the works. But anyways, let me introduce you to the owners and creators of this magnificent place.

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Photo Credit YouTube/EarthFixMedia


I encourage you to learn more about the Tiny House Hotel below:

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